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eDocPro electronic document management systems are installed in a standard Microsoft Windows server environment. The eDocPro add-on toolbar and the Adobe® Acrobat application programs are installed together on client desktops, laptops, and certain tablets.  eDocPro and Adobe® Acrobat application programs are 64-bit compliant and will run on a Windows or OSX operating system.

Shared file server systems are designed to help you capture and backup data easily and efficiently. eDocPro will help you organize your business documents using Microsoft NTFS file system security. eDocPro will be your partner to create a document file system based on a hierarchy for security and efficient organization.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a shared business document-network drive that’s maintained free of casual add-ons. Your shared document management system will be designed to enable collaboration while granting access to files and workflow functions on a restricted basis.

Choosing standard naming conventions for your filing system will help you name, file, and locate your electronic documents. Some categories of paper files always have a standard coding, such as personnel files that are labeled with last name, first name and (possibly) Employee ID number.

Metadata is data describing context, content and structure of documents. With each document you can add-in ‘metadata’ which includes words and properties to a document that are valuable for adding enhanced security and business-process functionality specific to that document.

Note that eDocPro custom document-workflow processing does not utilize the Adobe® LiveCycle Enterprise Suite product; therefore, Adobe® LiveCycle PDF-Generator licenses are not a required component.

Here is a sample print-screen of a simple document archival menu option for a user in a workflow environment.  Note the simple and intuitive user interface. The document management features programatically occur in the background.

Paperless Office Archive